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Photo File Size Help

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Trina Julius
24 posts
Mon Feb 12, 18
6:12 AM
I currently offer my clients the purchase of high resolution digital images ( Preschool photographer that offers 15 ish images of each child in private galleries) . My file size is generally 7200px longest side (24inches) and file sizes up around 10-12mb. I am really wanting to use sytist and signed up for the hosted plan - but the 20 gb storage just is not enough with my files.
Questions are :
1. How can I offer high res files (or should I change my file sizes down - even Jpg Mini software is still 4-5mb/photo. An other suggestions for file sizes but still offering high res.
2. Anyone else encounted this dilemma and what has been your solution - other than self hosting ( my wordpress site only has 30gb storage anyhow.) Ive looked into godaddy linux website- but I actually have no idea what linux is. Failing all this I might have to go back to shootproof - but I have literally spent days and days working this out thus far. Really appreciate any advice any one can give.
M Davis
252 posts
Mon Feb 12, 18
4:23 PM
Sign up for Saratoga hosting plan for the Sytist website files.
Then sign up for an Amazon web services account that will host the images. Amazon will be about $7-10 per month with the huge amount of image storage space.
Sytist will load your images to Amazon automatically once all is set up!
M. Davis
Trina Julius
24 posts
Tue Feb 13, 18
6:24 AM
Thank you M Davis. Lots to learn !
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