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Frames In Wall Designer

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Paul Alford
36 posts
Sun Jan 07, 18
10:46 AM
Still in trial period and working on frames in Wall Designer. I uploaded a few frames and added a few more sizes (20x24, 24x30). The prices for the frames are connected to the "sizes" so there is no way to make a different frame style a different price....or at least I dont see how to do that. One 20x24 simple style isnt the same price as a wider style so we have to be able to adjust the price of the different styles too...unless I am just not seeing it.

** additionally, I just uploaded some wider frames 3.5, 5.25 inches and they are not getting any wider in the actual Wall Designer display screen that the customer sees. This doesnt seem to be working very well with the wider frames. Also when I adjusted one of the wider ones, the frame started "tiling" in that screen and its tiling in the Wall Designer display too. Like it went passed its allowable dimensions even though it wasnt showing all of the frame yet.

** 3rd issue - The pricing. I assumed the price you enter for each frame was for just for that frame...so I see that its not adding the print price to the total it is displaying on the WD. Plus, this pricing wont work when the customer changes the style. The price should change too. So I am thinking this WD tool may be good for showing Collections that the photographer has already designed (with style and price already figured) but when the customer is trying to adjust these things live in real time, wont work so well. There needs to be pricing adjustments with each style frame and it recalculates on the fly as they choose different frame styles.
Please advise.
Edited Sun Jan 07, 18 11:11 AM by Paul Alford
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10890 posts
Mon Jan 08, 18
6:16 AM
Each frame style you would add separately. A 3.5 would be a different frame style than a 5.25. Each frame style you add you would have to set the with the adjust frame option after you have uploaded the frame photo.

The pricing is the price of the frame with the print in it. It's not the frame + a print price.

Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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