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New Update To Sytist - 0.8.2- Now Available

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Tim - PicturesPro.com
Mon Dec 22, 14
9:24 AM
New update to Sytist - 0.8.2

complete change log | How to upgrade

There is a new update available today with many small additions, changes and fixes. View these in the change log here (kind of long).

Also when you get a moment please come like the Sytist Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/4sytist. I put it up a year ago but just haven't done anything with it (I am very bad at social networking). I plan on adding a new how-to or tips each week to the blog and post it to Facebook & Twitter.

Here is a tip for the week
Offer Additional Products in Collections
If you offer collections or packages, here is something cool you might not be aware of. You can offer additional photo products for the collections that are not included in a collection. Read

If you have any issues or comments on this update, please post them here.
complete change log | How to upgrade

Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Terri Kieffer
Mon Dec 22, 14
10:58 AM
You are amazing! That's a lot of updates, and the issue I had is in the updates! Thank you thank you. Can't wait to get home and update.

Have a fabulous holiday week, Tim!
Timothy Foster
Tue Dec 23, 14
9:42 AM
Merry Christmas to us!

Thanks Tim
Tim Foster
Terri Kieffer
Tue Dec 23, 14
10:38 AM
I second that. Thanks for all you do on our behalf, Tim!
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Tue Dec 23, 14
12:20 PM
Thank you and ya'll are welcome! (yes I am in the south).

Merry Christmas!
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com

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