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Mike Foster
49 posts
Tue Nov 25, 14
2:42 PM
When viewing the favorites of a client, are they shown in time order of being added? I know I can export the filenames and sort, but a menu option to sort the favorites to match the gallery order or in A-Z could be helpful.

Is there any way or a plan to allow a client to share their favorites with another person, even as some simple HTML page with hyperlinks?
Edited Tue Nov 25, 14 2:44 PM by Mike Foster
Tim - PicturesPro.com
10320 posts
Wed Nov 26, 14
7:46 AM
They are currently displayed in the order they are added, but I will make a note to change it to file name.

I do have on my list a way for people to share favorites, but don't know when that will happen.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Mike Foster
49 posts
Wed Nov 26, 14
1:34 PM
I might also suggest, more important for me than clients sharing favorites is an admin view of a gallery where I can see all of the chosen images, (or see all images but can tell which ones are favorites) and by who, or when viewing individual images, a footer where I can see a list of names that chose that image. Example: I have a team client and I need to see all of the individual choices and those that are also chosen by the manager. Or all the images chosen by bridesmaids and those chosen by the bride. Love Sytist so far, great job.
Rob Shaw
7 posts
Fri Nov 10, 17
1:54 PM
Has there been any update on favorites? I would like to use gallery favorites and have an easy way of accessing them. It would be nice to be able to view a client gallery and list the favorites. Currently I can only seen to find favorites via the PEOPLE menu. The problem is it lists all the favorites that person has which could be from several galleries.
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