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Small Question About "...customers To Make Notes To An Order At Checkout.."

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Thu Mar 16, 23 4:39 AM CST

Hello Tim, 

inside "setting" - "checkout & payment"

once the "Check this to allow customers to make notes to an order at checkout" option is enabled
Is there a way to leave the text entry box open by default? now the default is off and must be clicked on to open.
using it to enter the shipping address, when closed it is not very visible and many people skip it.
15,200 posts (admin)
Thu Mar 16, 23 6:56 AM CST

Not an option to set it open by default.

But the system already asks for shipping address unless you disabled it in Settings -> Shipping -> Only ship to billing address.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Thu Mar 16, 23 7:36 AM CST

thanks tim, I just did some tests (I'll do more) but in my case I can't use your advice, because as prints are a small part of sales compared to digital files, I don't ask for the mandatory shipping address for everyone in the account requirement, asking for "the alternative address" not having asked for the "billing" one could create confusion with the consequence that if they leave "billing" which is by default, then I find the field empty.

I can't use the new function you put in the last update because it's only for "downloads" and not "others" which I also use for reasons explained in other threads.

I still have (and it also works quite well) to have the buyer write the address in that generic field, I changed the text that opens it to "page text" "IF YOU ORDERER PRINTS, enter the shipping address here" yes he manages to make it understood by many but not by all.

x now I can not find alternatives.

having the text field open by default would help display it.
I was hoping for a line of code to paste somewhere :) :)
but thank you anyway.
Good work
15,200 posts (admin)
Thu Mar 16, 23 7:45 AM CST

It won't ask for a shipping address if they are not purchasing shipable items.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Thu Mar 16, 23 7:54 AM CST
yes, I saw, but if you order things shipped, what I wrote before happens, the "billing address" is selected by default, but it is empty as it is not mandatory.

would it work having by default "alternative address" which opens the address text fields instead of " billing address" ? then through "page text" I fix the meaning (I delete the billing text and transform the alternative into the main one)


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Fri Mar 17, 23 2:07 PM CST

Hi Marco, sorry for chiming in, but in your price list you have additional option available, see if this will work for you. first pic is the option, second is how it looks in the check out. Hope this is a good work around for you.


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Sat Mar 18, 23 10:14 AM CST

THANKS VANCE, yours could be a good piece too, right now I'm testing what Tim suggested, which has the advantage of appearing only if there are things to be shipped and leaves the rest free, I'll try it for a couple of weeks, then I'll see.

Thank you
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