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Clients Can't Access Sub-galleries

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Tue Mar 14, 23 10:15 PM CST

Hi Tim, how are you ?

Quick query:  I have created many galleries with many sub galleries in each.

I have released details for viewing, but clients are coming back saying it is reverting them back to the outside of the gallery and not letting them in.  Obviously I have checked and the passwords are being put in correctly.

Been doing this process for 9 years, and its the first time this has occurred.


Edited Tue Mar 14, 23 10:16 PM by Stephanie Devlin
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Tue Mar 14, 23 10:43 PM CST

Hi Steph

I remember this happening to me once and I was out of storage ... just something to check in case you haven't already. All the best.


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Tue Mar 14, 23 11:41 PM CST

Hi Brooke, yeah that's all good.  Did a complete delete from ALL photos and galleries last week in preparation for the amount of photos I need to upload.

Thanks so much x

15,200 posts (admin)
Wed Mar 15, 23 5:10 AM CST

Perhaps you are password protecting the sub galleries but also have a password for the main gallery. If that is the case, remove the password from the main gallery.

Tim Grissett, DIA -
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