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Looking To Hire Someone To Set Up My Cron ...any Takers?

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Mon Mar 13, 23 11:25 AM CST

So my Cron job hasn't worked for 9+ months. You can see on the other threads that I have tried extensively to get it to work with no success. Blue host tells me it's SYTIST issue,  Tim tells me it's blue host issue. 

I am looking to hire someone who can help me resolve this issue so I have a working CONTACT ME tab on my site.  

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Mon Mar 13, 23 1:33 PM CST

What does success look like? You may want to clarify a bit, I'm not necessarily volunteering - I'm just curious if all you need is communication fixed or you have automation that you need set up.

What's the scope of this request?

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Mon Mar 13, 23 1:48 PM CST

Thank you, Eric

Success would look like my cron working. May involve looking at my panel code and comparing to the Stylist directions to see where issues maybe. Ultimately I just want it to work . I actually decided I am going to migrate my site to a new host and I am hopeful they will be wiling/able to solve the issue if they know that's the purpose of my migrations, they seem a lot more willing to "help" for a new account. 

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Mon Mar 13, 23 1:52 PM CST

Blue Host is the worst, i left them 5 years ago and could not be happier. I just set up Cron it took just a few minutes works great. You should have no problems on the new host.

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