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Outlook Always Sends Sytist Sales Emails To Junk Folder

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Thu May 19, 22 5:20 AM CST

No matter how many times I tell Outlook that Sytist "New Order" emails aren't junk it puts them in the Junk Folder.

I've told it that emails from me/with "xxx" in the subject line/body aren't Junk but they still end up in there. Outlook is set to only Junk mail already in the block list so it's not that.

Has anyone had similar problems and managed to overcome them?


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Thu May 19, 22 7:48 AM CST
Who is your email provider? When you say Outlook, are your referring to the Mail Program Outlook? Or is your mail provider

If you are using Microsoft 365, you will have to whitelist the IP Addresses that the emails are coming from. Not just your Server address. But if you run a message trace, your emails should be coming from a block of 5-10 different IP Addresses.

What I did was blasted about 50 test emails from Sytist to my inbox. All 50 would be blocked. So I'd run a message trace on each and I found they were not coming from my actual server address which was through GoDaddy. So I had to tell Microsoft to allow these IP Addresses through.
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Thu May 19, 22 7:55 AM CST
90 per cent of email problems i have is MS outlook / hotmail recipient email addresses.

Spf, dkim records etc are all in place. I tell people to mark as 'not spam'. Makes no difference to ms, and hasn't for years.
Edited Thu May 19, 22 7:56 AM by Trailboy
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Thu May 19, 22 8:11 AM CST

I'm using Microsoft 365. I've tried adding the email address to the white list (trusted senders) but not the IP.
I'll try to do this but it's the emails that Sytist generates after a sale that are in question come in from my email address (as if I've sent them). Will they all have the same IP address?
Having said that, emails sent via the Sytist "Contact" page also get junked. Not really sure how to check or resolve the problem.

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Thu May 19, 22 8:17 AM CST
You will have to run a message trace through Microsoft 365 to see where the IP Address it's coming from. I found with mine it had a range of almost 10 different IP Addresses, so I had to manually add each IP to the safe sender list. And I'm good now.

Unfortunately adding your email didn't work for me, or even adding the domain, or adding a DMARC or SPF Record, etc. Adding each IP was the only thing that worked for me.

So I would recommend running a message trace and find each ip address for each email that got flagged as spam/junk and save that IP to your safe list.
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Thu May 19, 22 8:30 AM CST
Thanks Sean/Trailboy,

I'll run a message trace as suggested and see what happens.

All the best,

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Fri Mar 17, 23 4:34 PM CST

I recently switched over to Microsoft 365 and have the exact same issue.  I have followed the recommendations in this thread and put the IP addresses in the Trusted Senders list in Outlook.  All sales and test emails still go into the junk folder.  I even went into Sytist and changed from PHP over to SMTP PHPMailer and the test emails still go into junk.  Any other ideas?

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