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Indicate Required Fields In Forms

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Wed Aug 16, 17 10:22 AM CST
Is there a way to indicate which fields are required and which are not in a form?

With the create account form, I want to give people the option to enter their address, phone, etc. but not require them.

I have it setup in the Theme/Forms that way, but...

When the user sees the account creation form, it looks like they have to fill in ALL their information and they may not do it since that's too much information to fill in or they don't want to give me that much info.

I want them to clearly see that all they need to fill in is their name, e-mail and password and can ignore the rest of the fields. BUt I don't want to not have those fields there just in case they want to fill that info in.

Is this possible to do with CSS? Or is there a setting somewhere?

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Wed Aug 16, 17 11:30 AM CST
It is currently not possible to add a required indication, even with additional CSS.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Wed Aug 16, 17 2:20 PM CST
I think this is pertinent with recent UK changes to criminalise data loss.

The less i hold, the better, and while i tell users that address is optional with pick up, they all include it. Data i really don't want to be responsible for.

What are the realistic chance of data theft of PI from a sytist db?

Edited Wed Aug 16, 17 2:20 PM by Trailboy
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Thu Aug 17, 17 10:01 AM CST
Chances of data theft is pretty low. In order someone to steal data, they would have to access your hosting account to get to the database. At that point, they could actually do anything they wanted. The data stored in the database is name, email, address .... password are encrypted and can't be decrypted and no financial information is stored in the database.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Tue Aug 24, 21 11:22 PM CST
Hi Tim
Has there been or will there be any development on this issue. I still have a few customers who complain it's not clear what information is required. I'm a school photographer who only requires address info to be entered if a customer chooses to have their pack shipped rather than returned to the school for collection.
Ideally, I'd like to see the shipping selection come before the account section and then an address requirement come up if they select shipping. I'm probably dreaming but doesn't hurt to ask!
Thanks in advance.
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Wed Aug 25, 21 3:14 AM CST
Yes, I (still) agree.

I think the checkout page is backward compared to almost all checkouts, and should have 2. Delivery before 1. Information as the required information depends on their delivery choice. Or even better, combine it into one page with a drop down for address after choosing home delivery, like the current 'Click to add an overall message' text entry box.

I guess it must be to do with the calculation required for their totals.

In the end, I gave up and now have no purchaser details collected by sytist DB at all except names and e-mail addresses. I think this is personal information that most customers would regard as 'public information', even though it is very much not according to GDPR. If I need the home address for the delivery, I get it from the payment provider. Pain in the arse, but better that than explaining to customers that I have been hacked (God forbid) and their personal address is available to the hackers.
Edited Wed Aug 25, 21 3:17 AM by Trailboy
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