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Customer Upload

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Fri Jan 08, 16 5:48 PM CST
Hey guys I'm sure this has been asked but I am wondering if anyone has figured out a clean way for customers to upload photos to Sytist without going to an ftp program. I have actually seen many photo sites where there is a simple upload button that the customer clicks and can select the folder or files to upload.

Any chance anyone can point me in the right direction?

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Sun Jan 10, 16 6:45 AM CST
There is not an option for customers to upload their own photos. I may add it at some point, but don't know for sure if or when.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Sun Jan 10, 16 9:47 AM CST
Thanks Tim. I have a workable workaround by sending the customer a link after the order is made that goes directly to the new Dropbox requests page. (They don't have to have or install Dropbox to use it). I'm going to try and set up my order confirmation email to have that link directly listed for them.

Love Sytist. Thanks for all you are doing.

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Sun Jan 10, 16 4:38 PM CST
Just in case anyone wondered how this can be done I came up with a way to kinda do it. I created a folder in our dropbox using the new "Request" feature and copied the link. In the default email customers get when they place an order I added the code with a "Upload your photos here" text. When the customer gets the order confirmation email there are the default values (order#, link to order, etc. but also the "Upload Your Photos Here" link. When they click on that link it takes them directly to the upload page. They upload the photos and that's it. The site will let them know that your company will be notified of the upload. On my end I get the email from dropbox with a link. I click on the link and there are the photos. Simple.

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Tue Jul 05, 16 12:54 AM CST
John - very valuable information as I was just looking into this. Thank you!
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Sun Apr 12, 20 5:19 AM CST
Was anything ever done with this? I was just searching the archives to see if it was possible to do this with sytist and saw this post .
Edited Sun Apr 12, 20 5:19 AM by Melissa
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Sat May 02, 20 1:30 PM CST
Function would be great indeed! 1 vote up!
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Wed Oct 27, 21 11:44 AM CST
Hi Tim

Do you have plans for this in the future? I'm looking for a solution where other photographers (5-10) can upload their photos to my website, and where they can admin their own photo's/(sub)galleries. Or maybe there's a workaround for this? It's not possible to create an admin for a category or gallery?
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Thu Nov 17, 22 7:06 AM CST
Also here via a search :)

Another BUMP to the list please :)
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Thu Nov 17, 22 11:27 AM CST
I don't have need of this very often, but I found I needed a feature like this last week.

Sytist makes me look slick and way more professional than I probably really am, sending clients off to dropbox exposes the fact I'm not really this slick!

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Thu Nov 17, 22 2:24 PM CST
I found this searching for this feature. Another +1 for this request.
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