If your Photo Cart is suddenly getting a 500 error or only displaying a blank page then you or your hosting company has updated the PHP (programming language) to PHP 7 which Photo Cart is not compatible with (and will not be compatible with) mainly because of the removal of the my_sql functions which are replaced with my_sqli functions. 

You would need to have the PHP version downgraded to 5.6 in order for Photo Cart to work. If downgrading the PHP doesn't work then you may have to update Photo Cart to the last version of 7. Download Photo Cart 7 upgrade files. Upgrade instructions.

Photo Cart was retired in 2015. Check out Sytist.

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Login Problems When Moving To A New Server

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Thu Jul 09, 15 8:40 AM CST
I have recently upgraded to a new server.

I followed the directions to export data and import the data to the new installation.

Currently this server is not online. I'd like to make sure it works 100% before putting it online.

Right now I cannot log into the admin part of Photo Cart using any of the administrator logins and passwords.

I can't login to anyone's galleries using their access codes.

When I attempt to login to the admin, it simply refreshes the screen with the login screen. When I try to login to a gallery I get a "Restricted Access Portraits" message.

I thought it might be a blocked port, so I temporarily disabled the firewall, no luck.

What else can I try?

---- Update ----

I discovered that the admin login problem was a issue of incorrect permissions on the sessions folder. Now I can login with no problem. I can also login to a gallery, however, now when I view the thumbnails they aren't there. Using the magnifying glass I can see them, but they are otherwise invisible. I tried to change permissions on the photos folder but that doesn't work. Any ideas?
Edited Thu Jul 09, 15 9:20 AM by Larry McHugh
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Thu Jul 09, 15 9:37 AM CST
Verify the stuff in your setup.php is correct for the new server. If the $setup['photo_cart_folder'], $setup['path'] and/or $setup['url'] are incorrect, the site will display but some images stuff will show as broken links, especially in the Admin when looking at galleries.

You can use View Source (or right-click Inspect Element) to see what the actual image URLs are. I bet the URLs being generated are incorrect for the server.

Also, are you using an IP address to access the local server? If so, you'll need to override $setup['url'] to use that IP address (otherwise, the generated URLs will contain a domain name which is NOT mapping to your offline server).
Edited Thu Jul 09, 15 9:40 AM by Dave's Uploader
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Thu Jul 09, 15 1:29 PM CST
Also check in Settings -> Gallery & Image Layout that the display type for the thumbnails is set to standard and not encrypted.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Fri Jul 10, 15 12:44 PM CST
Tim -

I assume you mean the Image Display choice under Gallery & Image Layout. That is currently set at "Encrypting file script". If
I change it to "Standard thumbnail" I get a MYSQL error:

MYSQL ERROR: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'disable_home' at row 1

Query: UPDATE pc_settings SET thumb_style='0' , display_image_type='1' , disable_home='' , hide_expired_gallery='1' , home_page_limit='1' , homr_page_my_pictures='' , gallery_style='1' , gallery_list='1' , galleries_per_page='20' , gallery_per_row='3' , gal_rows='4' , gallery_show_date='1' , show_expire_date='1' , gallery_show_num_images='1' , gallery_show_id='' , hide_img_id='1' , show_image_name='' , zoom_allow_np='' , gal_search_filename='' , gal_search_title='1' , gal_search_keys='1' , gal_search_descr='1' , gal_display_keywords='' , gal_search_type='0' , thumb_layout='


' , gal_show_image_name='1' , thumb_max_file_name='20' , in_gal_slideshow='1' , slideshow_seconds='5'

The setting doesn't change from "Encrypting file script". Any thoughts on how to correct this?
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Fri Jul 10, 15 1:32 PM CST
Looks like your MySQL server is running in STRICT mode which is not supported by Photo Cart. You'll need to disable STRICT mode...
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Fri Jul 10, 15 1:47 PM CST
You were correct. The server was indeed in STRICT mode. I changed the Gallery & Image Layout setting and all is well. Thanks to both of you!
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