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Select Photos Button Not Working

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Rachelle Hopkins
Thu Dec 28, 17
11:13 PM
All of a sudden my select photos button is not working. I have updated my flash player and restarted my computer and it is still not working. I have checked the preferences and it is enabled on my website. I did just update my Mac to the new operating system and this is the first time using the upload photos button since the update. Please help!
Marco Cappalunga
Fri Dec 29, 17
2:20 AM
Mine is not working either, but I remember I red somewhere it is a Safari bug.Try with another browser.
I mainly upload via FTP so I really don't care about this problem.
Rachelle Hopkins
Fri Dec 29, 17
9:08 AM
Thanks so much for your response! I downloaded chrome browser and it works!
Holly Kramer
Fri Jan 05, 18
7:44 AM
I am having this problem too even after updating flash. Works on Chrome but not Safari. I recently updated my OS on my Mac and I believe that updated Safari also.
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