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Text Notifications

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Brian Crussel
Fri Jan 27, 17
4:13 PM
I am at the SPAC conference and they are using text messages instead of eMails to notify clients. Is this something that might be possible to add to Sytist?
Paul White
Fri Jan 27, 17
4:50 PM
Would love to see that too! The Millennials increasingly don't use email, or if they do they don't check it often.
Paul White
Richard Mardirosian
Fri Jan 27, 17
8:00 PM
I'm very hopeful we'll see this at some point.

In another thread Tim posted that he's been "looking into SMS off and on".

I've used "ez Texting" through another appointment software and found it to be quite effective.

That said I prefer everything else about the Sytist Calendar...so if Tim adds SMS I'll be thrilled!
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Mon Jan 30, 17
5:19 AM
From what I have seen, other than EZ texting (which I believe is only available in the USA), most SMS / texting services start around $300 per month (you have to use a SMS service to do this). I have looked into it some, but I don't know if most people would want to pay that much per month.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Brian Crussel
Mon Jan 30, 17
5:41 AM
Why not do it for free using email? The client would have to choose their carrier via a dropdown list is all. It could be as simple as this.


Adina Hayne
Mon Jan 30, 17
8:42 AM
Really liking this thread. This would be an AWESOME feature.
Richard Mardirosian
Mon Jan 30, 17
2:13 PM
Tim I know a lot of Sytist users are scattered around the globe, are there enough US users to make EZ-Texting integration worth your time??

Gotta think at some point less expensive alternatives will become available worldwide.

Perhaps the Sytist community can help identify some cost effective alternatives outside the US.

In the meantime is Brian's post a possible worldwide solution? ...although like he said it's one more question customers will have to answer.

Steve Sheldon
Mon Feb 13, 17
5:40 PM
I just got Sytist with the plan of using the calendar. I use Square appointments right now and the client can choose to have a text reminder and/or an email reminder. I'll probably stick with Square until Sytist has text reminders. They do charge me 15 cents a text.
Richard Mardirosian
Thu Nov 02, 17
4:48 PM
I have several mini-session events coming up.

Thought I'd check in to see if there's any chance that SMS is in the pipeline yet?
Edited Thu Nov 02, 17 4:48 PM by Richard Mardirosian
Tim - PicturesPro.com
Fri Nov 03, 17
11:22 AM
No SMS yet.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
William Spivak
Tue Nov 07, 17
9:28 AM
After seeing this post, it made me curious on how to do this. The ability to send an email and text at the same time is excatly what I need.

I use https://freecarrierlookup.com to get the SMS email. This works great for SMS and MMS.

As of right now, I'm currently using google mail to send these. I'm able to send both email and text just by using the email part of Google. Each contact profile I have their email and text email so I can send to both which is great.

Clients can also reply back from the text message they get. You receive an email and can communicate with them this way too.


Would it be possible to add another email to the account with the option to send to one or both? Even just adding another field just to the text email would be great too. I think this option would be a great workaround for everyone. If you or anyone else comes up with a better idea, that would be awesome.

Also, this might be an awesome feature to add to the automated email service for appointment reminders.
Edited Tue Nov 07, 17 9:45 AM by William Spivak
William Spivak Owner/Photographer (484)746-3380 https://williamspivakphotography.com info@williamspivakphotography.com
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